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Raw Chat Archives

Pinned  How to get started feeding a Prey Model Raw Diet

Feb 04 2010 04:41 PM | jdatwood in Raw Chat

Feeding a Prey Model Raw diet can be VERY easy if you follow some simple guidelines when making the switch from kibble to raw. Making this transition as easy as possible is the ultimate goal. Because the easier it is for the dog, it will be easier for...

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Common Cuts: A Guide To Raw Meaty Bones

Sep 10 2013 03:15 AM | Prey Model Raw in Raw Chat

So....what exactly do you feed your dog? I don't know how many times I've been asked this question. Not only from people who are skeptical of the raw feeding method, but from people who are interested but have no idea what to buy or look for to feed th...

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Why Prey Model Raw (PMR)

Aug 20 2013 08:24 PM | jdatwood in Raw Chat

Why feed your dogs raw meat, bones and organs? Seems silly? Well, lets step back and take a look at what a dog really is and what they’re really designed to eat. The closest living relative that the dog has is the grey wolf, Canis lupis. In fact they...

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Raw Feeding Success Stories

Aug 20 2013 08:28 PM | jdatwood in Raw Chat

Feeling like you need some inspiration to make the change to raw feeding? Read below! Many, many people have had massive success with raw feeding and we continue to get new success stories that we add to the roster. Have a success story you’d like to s...

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Raw Feeding Coops

Aug 20 2013 08:22 PM | jdatwood in Raw Chat

List of City/State/Region Coops around the US: (if you know of others, please let us know about them in the comments below) Orange County (CA) http://pets.groups.y...up/OCBARFCo-Op/ Phoenix (AZ) http://pets.groups.y.../group/PhxBARF/ Tucson (AZ) http:/...

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How to break down a turkey in under 10 minutes

Oct 13 2010 01:13 PM | jdatwood in Raw Chat

Turkey is an easy way to add a cheap alternative protein source to your feeding schedule. Hit up the after Thanksgiving sales and stock up! We've seen them as cheap at $0.25/lb after Thanksgiving. The biggest problem is breaking down that whole turkey...

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Picky Eaters 101

Oct 27 2010 07:44 AM | Prey Model Raw in Raw Chat

Lots of people switching their dogs to a prey model raw diet are faced with the battle of picky eaters. Their dogs show pretty much no interest in the food that is put in front of them. This can be for many reasons from just not knowing what to do with...

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What Does Raw Feeding Cost???

Feb 10 2010 03:29 PM | jdatwood in Raw Chat

One of the most popular comments we get when we explain we feed raw to our dogs is "that must cost you a LOT". If you're resourceful and smart about how you feed raw it can be done MUCH cheaper than any quality kibble. We pay, on average, about $0.60...

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Quick Start Guide

Aug 20 2013 08:19 PM | jdatwood in Raw Chat

This is a condensed version of our more in depth prey model raw feeding guide. Don’t try to move faster thru this process. We’ve designed this thru lots of research and hands on experience to minimize the chances of digestive upset. Trying to force new...

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Problems with Raw Feeding

Mar 28 2011 09:04 PM | Prey Model Raw in Raw Chat

Often times I hear or see people talk about how their dogs aren’t doing well on a raw diet. Either their dogs have diarrhea or vomiting, losing weight or a dull coat. This isn’t uncommon for recently switched dogs to a raw diet. Some dogs do better tha...

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Benefits Of Raw Feeding

Aug 20 2013 04:02 PM | jdatwood in Raw Chat

Many people don’t feed PMR because they don’t realize all of the wonderful benefits it can provide your pets. Here’s a small list compiled from many of our PMR friends Dental: One of the most outwardly viewable benefits to feeding PMR is teeth cleaning...

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Is It Normal...?

Nov 13 2012 06:52 PM | Prey Model Raw in Raw Chat

It is pretty typical for the raw feeding section to be full of "is it normal?" threads, so I thought I'd go ahead, and list out some things that while not typical on kibble, are not uncommon in a raw diet- especially for a dog newly transitioned. Thes...

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When is Prey Model Raw NOT ideal?

Dec 01 2010 08:18 PM | Prey Model Raw in Raw Chat

Canine Hyperuricosuria and The Black Russian Terrier Knowing that Duncan has this I am now in “must learn as much about this as possible” mode. I have been researching quite a bit the last few days. As sad as I am about his condition, I think that thi...

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Gorge Meal!

Mar 14 2011 07:08 PM | Prey Model Raw in Raw Chat

We scored a whole hog for free this week. Decided to feed it all in one sitting as a gorge meal. The dogs are all fat, happy and passed out. Why feed a whole hog at once? Gorge meals are a normal thing for wolves, dogs. Their lives revolve around find...

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To Ground or not to Ground

Sep 11 2012 09:07 PM | Prey Model Raw in Raw Chat

Lots of people out there feed raw, whether it be whole prey, prey model (yours truly!), BARF, premade commercial, premade from a butcher....and I'm sure I've forgotten a method or two. Regardless of which method is chosen, one should pay particular a...

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Bulk order meat prep!

Nov 02 2010 01:47 PM | Prey Model Raw in Raw Chat

When we order in bulk we'll typically order 200-500lbs at a time. This saves us time and money in the long run. Ordering in bulk allows people to buy a larger quantity of meat that saves money. It just takes a little more elbow grease to feed this way...

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FATS: The Good and The Bad

Sep 18 2012 08:44 AM | Prey Model Raw in Raw Chat

Fats...are something that a lot of people are socially trained to think of as bad, unhealthy and something that shouldbe avoided. While there is SOME truth to that in regards to some kinds of fat, good, quality fats are something that I've found to be...

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Freezer Facts

Oct 01 2012 07:33 PM | Prey Model Raw in Raw Chat

Raw feeding really isn't possible without some kind of freezer. Whether you feed less than a pound a day or you feed 25+ pounds per day you need a freezer to keep a good variety of meat, bones and organs available for rotation as we all know that varie...

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Dogs of Thailand

Jan 25 2013 02:30 AM | Prey Model Raw in Raw Chat

I just got home from a month long journey to Thailand. Well, it's 1am my home local time after 36 hours of traveling and I'm WIDE AWAKE. Jet lag sucks but it's completely worth it for the ability to travel, not to mention it allows me to catch up on th...

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The Proof is in the Poo!

Aug 01 2013 11:04 AM | Prey Model Raw in Raw Chat

One of the most wonderful benefits to a raw diet is, you guessed it.....the poop. Or the lack there-of. Poo duty is not on the top of favorite things to do with I'd say everyone, because who likes to deal with mushy, stinky, sloppy kibble poos? Not al...

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Treats, Goodies and Snacks

Feb 19 2013 08:00 PM | Prey Model Raw in Raw Chat

What can I give my dog for training treats that is appropriate when feeding a raw diet? Most excellent question. Why put forth so much energy and thought into providing your dog the most natural and healthy diet out there, to just hand out total crap...

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Nov 27 2012 08:14 PM | Prey Model Raw in Raw Chat

Raw feeding guidelines have been established based on the average composition of relative weight of different parts prey animals: muscle meat, bone, and organ meat. These guidelines don't include things that are considered refuse like hide and intestin...

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Magnets now available

Jan 05 2011 09:09 PM | jdatwood in Raw Chat

Be one of the first to show your PMR pride with our new "Feed RAW" magnet! Order them here :) http://preymodelraw....delraw-magnets/

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Why A Raw Diet is Just Plain Logical

Dec 23 2010 06:02 PM | Prey Model Raw in Raw Chat

Ever think that pretty much all kibbles look the same? Maybe just different shape and color, some more "natural" looking than others? Kibble nuggets look nothing like the whole ingredients used to make them. The logic is clear, why feed such highly pro...

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Why I'll NEVER give a dog a marrow or knuckle bone

Sep 17 2010 02:13 PM | jdatwood in Raw Chat

A year ago we had to have one of Shiloh's main chewing teeth removed. Natalie noticed that Shiloh was getting tartar built up on the left side and upon further investigation we found her upper carnasial tooth was horizontally fractured. We had to have...

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