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Benefits Of Raw Feeding

Many people don’t feed PMR because they don’t realize all of the wonderful benefits it can provide your pets.
Here’s a small list compiled from many of our PMR friends
Dental: One of the most outwardly viewable benefits to feeding PMR is teeth cleaning.

Contrary to Big Business marketing kibble does NOT clean teeth. Would you use Cocoa Puffs to try cleaning your teeth?
The action of tearing through meat and crunching through bones is a natural teeth cleaning for ours dogs & cats (and free too!!). You probably will never have to take your pets in for a dental cleaning again saving big $$$ at your Vet.
The cleaning can easily be seen in the first couple of weeks after transitioning to raw. Check out our pics & videos section for some shots of our PMR dogs teeth.

Runny Eyes: Many dogs suffer from runny eyes or “goopy eyes”. While PMR doesn’t stop this in EVERY animal eating it, it does significantly reduce how often it happens. Some dogs clear up completely and never have this problem again.

POOP!!: It’s funny to listen to a group of raw feeders talking. MANY times the conversation ends up on poop. How many kibble feeders do you know that enjoy talking about poop. LOL!
Dogs utilize 95% of their diet when eating PMR (compared to 30% on kibble). This means that the amount of waste their bodies are expelling is FAR less than what it would be on kibble.
Many people are surprised (and happy) to find that their PMR dogs poop drys up into a white powder in a few days to a week. This makes “poop patrol” a much easier job.

Costs: Feeding a high quality kibble can be VERY expensive. Some range in upwards of $4/lb. We pay on average $0.60/lb to give our dogs the very best diet they can have (aside from feeding WHOLE Prey).

Bad Breath: Bad breath in dogs can usually be attributed to poor dental hygiene. Dogs teeth are literally rotting in their heads because of sugars and starches found in kibble.
The natural cleaning action of eating PMR not only cleans your dogs teeth but will virtually eliminate any odor on their breath.

Oily Coats: Have you ever pet a dog and wanted to run and wash your hands afterwards because of the “dog smell” or oil left behind on your hands? I know I sure have
Dogs on PMR don’t have the “oily coat” or “stink” that most kibble fed dogs do. I attribute this to overall better health derived from proper nutrition
Raw feeders LOVE to brag about how shiny and soft their dogs coats are!!

Allergies: Allergies in dogs are RAMPANT these days. Itching, ear infections, etc are all too common in our pets. The vets have all kinds of ways to treat these but none is as successful as a PMR diet.
Switching your dog to PMR can eliminate most conditions typically associated with “allergies”. These are usually caused by the carbs & sugars in the kibble you’re feeding
Some people make the mistake in assuming their dog is allergic to the meat source in the kibble instead of looking deeper at all of the biologically inappropriate ingredients the kibble contains. Switching from a Chicken to a Fish kibble might clear up the “allergy” but was it really the chicken? I’d venture to say that it was another ingredient (or ingredients) altogether that was in 1 but not the other

Energy: It’s very common to hear about raw fed dogs that are in their later years that still “has the energy and exuberance of a puppy”. Since a dog on PMR is getting PROPER nutrition we don’t find it surprising that they’ll have more energy in their later years. They’re healthier afterall


Although a diet of whole raw foods based on Nature’s prey model is the most natural, healthy way for our carnivorous companion animals to eat, it is not a cure-all for any or all ailments, nor should it be considered as such. If your pet is ill you are advised to seek out the services of a professional pet health care provider. The material contained on this website is the author’s opinion and is shared for informational and educational purposes only. Nothing written herein is intended or should be considered as veterinary advice, and the author assumes no responsibility for the use or misuse by the reader of this information.


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