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The Proof is in the Poo!

One of the most wonderful benefits to a raw diet is, you guessed it.....the poop. Or the lack there-of. Poo duty is not on the top of favorite things to do with I'd say everyone, because who likes to deal with mushy, stinky, sloppy kibble poos? Not all kibble fed dogs have poo issues of course, but a lot of them do. Chronic colitis, loose stools, large stools, smelly stools are common no matter what quality kibble is fed. Either way, raw poo compared to kibble poo, no brainer.

Newbie raw feeders frequently ask questions about something wrong with their dog. "They hardly poop anymore?!?! Is that normal???" Why yes. In fact, their bodies are finally excreting the normal amount. Kibble poos are far from normal in size, shape or smell. Be thankful your dog is processing food normally and that you'll never have to deal with kibble anymore.

When dogs are fed a diet of raw meaty bones, meats, and organs their bodies are able to process the nutrients in their raw state more efficiently. Thus creating less waste. Thus decreasing the need to do poo duty. I'd say that raw fed dogs poo easily on average 50% less than their kibble fed counterparts. That alone should motivate dog owners to switch from processed, dry "doom-nuggets" to whole, fresh, bio-available, species appropriate foods for their dogs.

Here's a fantastic photo evidence case story:

Posted Image
This first sample is from a 10 month old, 130 pound, generally healthy Great Dane. He was fed Alpo and Kibbles n' Bits (until switched to raw...for obvious reasons!). This sample is about 7 hours old. I use the phrase "generally healthy" quite loosely because he also had horrible breath, and a dry, flaky coat. There really aren't words I can find to describe this....monstrosity. Yuck.

Posted Image
This second sample is from a 7 year old, 207 pound, very healthy Great Dane. This stool sample is after being fed a bone-in meal. Stools after a bone meal usually turn white and chalky, and basically disintegrate by day 2. This particular sample is only about 12 hours old. By the time poo duty comes around, you'll be wondering where it all went.

Posted Image
This third sample is from a 16 year old mixed breed dog, that has been raw fed since a youngster. This dog was fed kibble only when it's owner "ran out" of raw and had to resort to kibble. As you can see, the kibble stool is larger and more messy.

As you can see, the proof really is in the poo. If after reading this you don't find yourself tossing out your kibble and switching to raw, there's plenty more benefits to feeding a prey model raw diet to your carnivores. Read through them all here.
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Rambo's Mum
Jan 23 2014 08:17 PM

Oh yes, not to mention if you feed kibbles, their urine tend to be thicker, more yellowish and definitely stink! And yes, they drink way too much water. With raw they drink minimal water.

I've noticed that too, Rambo's Mum. I put warm water in the dish when I feed my kids and they hardly drink any water at all now. Before, when they were on dry food, my Ryba would drink like she'd been lost in the desert for a week. Plus I can open my back door and not be overwhelmed by poo smell, it's great!

What really sold me is my hound. He would have horrible, stinky diarrhea for a day or two or three, then would have semi solid poops for a day or two, then back to the horrible stinky, diarrhea. All on the same bag of food!

I want to say 2 weeks in my friend went for a walk with us, and Calvin (the hound) stopped to poop, and she immediately moved away from us, trying to avoid the impending smell that normally came from Calvin's butt, but I made her come back to see how it looked, and more importantly, how it smelled! She was absolutely amazed at how small and odorless it was! It has been solid poops for Calvin (a few times too crumbly) for the entire 2 months we have been on PMR. With the crazy rain we have had this week, I haven't had to scoop as much as normal, because the poop breaks down so quickly and isn't even worth cleaning it up, anymore.

For me, the husband, and the friend, poop is what has really sold everyone on this diet. Well, and how amazing they are doing ... Tank who was normally sedate, now runs around the yard, and plays with Calvin so much more. It's like he is 3 again, not freshly 7. :)

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