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Worried About Puppy's Poo

PMR Feeding Questions 15 Jan 2018
It's been SO long since I posted here, but I have a new Ridgeback puppy who has been on raw for the last week. I transitioned him from kibble that he was eating at the breeders. I started him on chicken thighs and leg quarters. Starting yesterday I incorporated small pieces of beef and yesterday...
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Feeding A Dog With Pancreatitis

PMR Feeding Questions 25 Dec 2017
Hello everyone! Hopefully there are some people that are still here and merry Christmas to those that celebrate! My parents’ male boxer has pancreatitis and has been on a prescribed diet for pancreatitis (so some kibble and wet food) he was on a raw diet along with their other 3 boxers until he...
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Commercial Raw Foods

Raw Chat 18 Jul 2017
Has anyone here researched commercial raw dog foods? I know people who might be interested in that route. Most commercial raw food I've seen has a lot of carbohydrates (fruits, vegetables, alfalfa hay, etc). Cost is a consideration, but not primary (they'd be feeding a roughly 10 pound dog). Than...
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Threshold Training

Dog Training 12 Jul 2017
Teaching my dogs to stay back behind the door threshold is always an important safety thing to me. I do live on a pretty quiet road but still...cars go by. Threshold training isn't fool proof, doesn't replace using a leash or having a fence, which I have but only the back yard fence is solid. The...
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No Supplements Today

Raw Chat 12 Jul 2017
Non-gmo, "naturally" raised goat on the menu today, so no salmon oil capsules. We also finished a liver detox with milk thistle extract. I normally give the supplements before they eat. Poor Miras kept waiting to eat and had to be repeatedly told it was ok to eat. She knew a step was being skippe...
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