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One More Question, Flaky Skin And Shedding

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I think maybe, fingers crossed, that the chicken backs have the bone content we were needing to straighten out the stools. This morning was much better. But I have a new concern.
Dry itchy, flaking skin and now loosing some hair.
From the time I bright him home three weeks ago, Fergus has nibbled on himself almost like he has fleas. The vet and I both checked him all over with no flea signs and treated him anyway. (Which I wish we hadn't). Since starting raw though, I've notice increasingly flaky, dandruff like skin. Today when I pet him at all vigorously, he loses a good bit of hair.

Could he be allergic to chicken? Is this more likely detoxing? Does he need more fat, I'm trimming his chicken as much as possible to limit his loose stools? Should I move on to Turkey sooner or let him stay on chicken? I hate to try a different protein since we just got our first Semi-firm poo.

This morning and last night after eating I gave him 1/2 tsp of coconut oil in case he needs more fat, (chicken all trimmed would be pretty lean I think), because that's what I have on hand. I'm going to order Salmon oil.

What should I watch for to know if it's an allergy or dietary need? Or could it just be winter, my skin is pretty dang dry and itchy right now too?

Sorry for all the questions. This is so new to me and I'm so afraid of harming his health with my trial and error. I am so glad I found these forums for help!
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Glad to hear his stool is getting better! Since the skin condition was present before going raw, I wouldn't label the new diet as the culprit. Like you said, it could be affecting the condition, but not causing it. Its great you've already been to the vet to get checked.


Personally, I would rub coconut oil all over his coat. The fatty acids will nourish the skin and it is also anti-fungal/bacterial. It is also safe to consume (always a positive when topically applying something on animals)! I would even continue to given about half or a quarter of a tablespoon orally (my dog takes it as a treat whenever I give it to him). I would keep up the chicken and coconut for a 2-3 weeks and look for improvement, which is not always quick. When I got my boxer, she had missing patches of fur and itched... a lot! After getting her on a decent diet, the itching stopped and the hair came back in; it took about a month to really see the results.

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I don't think its the diet either. It's too soon into the transition for that immediate of a response. Coconut oil is a great thing to add, just don't overdo it feeding wise as it can cause the runs.

I agree with rubbing it directly on his skin- that'll help immensely.

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