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I've Got One For Ya

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Here's a pretty cool story. For a long time, my old man Chihuahua mix, Jose` had some kind of issue that caused him to have very bad breath. Now, when I say bad breath, I do not mean your garden variety bad breath. Noooooo. It was so bad, you could smell him from about 8 feet away sometimes. It almost resembled a poisonous gas. His teeth were clean, had a dental not that long ago, nothing wrong with his teeth. I had the vet check for abscesses or something. Nothing. The first vet I took him to said it was likely acid reflux and I should give him Prilosec, which I did for months with no change. So I took him to another vet for a 2nd opinion. That vet said that no, it was not acid reflux because he wasn't throwing up. And I should try some digestive enzymes, which I did also for months, thinking that eventually....Well, as you might guess, there was again no change. I pretty much had given up when I started this raw food diet. Then finally, after some searching, I found my source for raw, green TRIPE~ Ta-da! I've been feeding that for a few weeks, every day a small chunk or two to add to their other food for each of my three little dogs. 


Just the other night, I was grovelling on the floor with Jose`, sticking my head close to him, being goofy like we do sometimes and although I try to avoid being licked near my mouth, he tried and sort of licked the air near my face...and that's when I noticed there was no particular odor. Not that his mouth smells like a bed of roses, but OMG! That horrible, poisonous smell was gone! I don't know for sure if it's the raw diet in general. But my theory is that while it could be the whole diet, I'm zeroing in on tripe, the magical, wonder food. 


I don't trust commercial foods and I don't trust that those enzymes they sell are what they say they are. They certainly made no difference to Jose`. But the tripe I think did. So my message is, if you're not already feeding raw, green tripe on a regular basis, start. I think I'm going to see some more amazing results. 


Oh, and Jose` is also acting much more energetic and playful, less arthritic I think. Maybe it's the power of suggestion or the green lipid mussel powder I'm giving the three dogs. That might be an amazing thing too. We'll see. Thanks for reading! :)



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My last three dogs have all been raw fed with the exception of the first half of the Collie's life. When he was on kibble and every dog before that, I avoided their mouths and faces because they had bad breath. It was that "dog breath" that everyone hates. My old Brittany was the worst offender. Not all of them had nasty teeth either, but they ALL had dog breath.


Old Man Collie died about 10 months ago, so we only have the two now, but the amount of time I spend with Iorveth in my face didn't occur to me until he was full grown. Buck isn't an in your face kind of dog so I didn't really notice it until Iorveth (my heart dog), but we love on his face all the time because there is no offending odor to stay away from. Buck doesn't smell either, but he doesn't need to be the center of attention like Iorveth does. Tripe isn't a regular part of our diet (although it would be if I could find a local source I like) so my vote is for raw in general for dogs in general. maybe tripe was the key for Jose, but raw DEFINITELY keeps that dog breath away.

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That sounds great Poodlebeguiled. I don't have any particular problem with my dogs breath but hearing this story, I'd surely start to give my dogs this raw diet.

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