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Best Answer naturalfeddogs , 06 June 2016 - 07:56 AM

Poops will be much smaller on raw, due to being able to digest so much of it compared to kibble. Mine all poop about once a day, tiny little turds. If you see excess straining to poop, or the poop is actually coming out of the shoot white, then it's too much bone. But even still, if you want to add some boneless to it and see how she does, you can.


As long as all is going well poop wise, stay on chicken for about a week and a half. After that, you can add some turkey and do the same. Then move on to pork, venison, beef etc... As far as adding organs, I have always waited until closer to the end of the protein introductions, but once you have started red meats you can add a VERY TINY amount of liver. I recommend giving it with bone, because liver is really rich. All of mine are well transitioned to raw, but I still give organs with something bone in. 


I don't use any percentages at all. Those are nothing but guidelines, and all dogs are different. I go by body condition and activity level, and feed accordingly. No dog in the wild is worried about percentages. That is totally made up by man at some point along the way. If it helps you, that's absolutely fine, but don't get hung up on it and let it stress you out. 

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Right now, considering the issues you have had I would stick with one protein at a time. If poops stay good for a couple of days, then if you want you can add a tiny bit of liver, and see how it goes. Then feed normal meals for a few days. If still good, you could try either some more liver, or a tiny amount of kidney. No need to try to rush into it all, or you are going to keep digestive issues. 



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Other than what Naturalfeddogs said, I would advise to be mindful of everything she eats. Dogs will go after almost anything. Sometimes dogs eat things that cause stomach upset (even too much food can cause this, it doesn't necessarily have to be something "bad") and it may appear that its the diet. I can always tell when my pup gets in the ducks' food--it goes straight through her nearly undigested.

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