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Fed Up With Eating Habits

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I wonder if anyone else has this problem.


My 1 year old Aussie is a terrible eater. This is making raw feeding very hard and wasteful. I'm throwing away 30% of the food because she decides randomly that she won't eat. I'm halfway considering switching off raw because I can't keep a balanced diet with her being so picky and hard to feed. She is getting too boney (I like a little ribby but she is getting too ribby now) She should be around 43lbs and has gone from 44lbs to 39 lbs. 


She has always been weird about her meals from the time she was an 8 week old puppy. I have always made her sit/wait for food, I would release her and she was spend 5 minutes just staring at me, before even sniffing the food, walking away from it and then coming back to eat it. 


Organs were very hard to get her onto, but we managed. For a good 5 months she was solidly eating all of her meals, four rotating meat sources, fish oil, and rotating organs. We just upped her exercise and her amount of food to 18oz. Then we had some big life changes and the stress made her stop drinking she got dehydrated and very nauseous. She went days without eating so I took her into the vet. She was on medication as well as cooked chicken, pumpkin and rice. She hated it, so I took out the rice and left the pumpkin and chicken, which she picked at and somewhat eat.


This was about a month ago. I don't think she has eaten a full meal since. Right now she will not touch her liver (seared, minced, frozen....nothing) or kidney. She will eat some of the chicken, but not the hearts, and stopped eating the pork. She will eat the beef shoulder and some of the beef heart.


I offer her food for 20 minutes once a day, she avoids her bowl at the edge of the kitchen, then after 10 minutes will walk up, lick some of the food, drag the pieces out on the floor, then leave it to lay down at my feet. Then once the 20 minutes are up I bag everything back up and put it away, and she gets the same meal offered the next day. 


Right now we are on day 3 of her not touching her meal. 


Vet says teeth and mouth look good. She will eat the kibble in her puzzle feeders (she gets 1/4 cup for while I'm at work) and will eat the lamb lung/kibble I have for treats with enthusiasm. So I don't think its a health problem. 


She does this with any meals; commercial raw, freeze dried (but rehydrated) raw, kibble, cooked meal and anything that I give in a big amount in a bowl to feed her. Though overall she does eat the freeze dried raw and kibble better than anything else.


Anyone have other advice or have similar problems?

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A similar discussion is here (mainly ideas, not sure they reached a solution) http://preymodelraw....ood/#entry15230

You said she's sensitive and has been through a pretty upsetting time. That, paired with the vet's exam, makes it seem emotional. I'd focus on more one on one time and getting her back to feeling stable in her environment. Maybe not the advice you were looking for.

Do you offer whole parts, grinds? Some people have more success getting their dog to eat organs or whatever they find undesirable when its ground with other cuts (eg muscle meat). If you don't have a grinder-i doubt many do-- you can find retailers who do (eg my pet carnivore, real raw, here today). You can also find a Eureka raw foods co-op. You can get cases for around $.75 - 1/per pound. Their mixes contain muscle/bone/organ/fish oil.
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