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Continued Successes!

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We are getting more and more people that have had wonderful success with switching their dogs (and cats) to Prey Model Raw feeding! We've updated our Success Stories page with more wonderful first hand accounts. They keep on coming in which is fabulous! Keep up the good work and spread the word.

If you haven't yet made the commitment to change, please read through them to help inspire you to make it ASAP!

Here's one of my favorites:

Our Success Story starts with my girl Casey. Casey is the main reason why I decided to take the time and read up on RAW feeding. I knew she had to have an allergy to kibble. The vet was always saying, FLEA ALLERGY! I didn’t buy it, not when she didn’t have a flea on her.

This is my girl Casey before reaping the benefits of RAW.

As you can see, she is an absolute mess. The poor girl dug herself raw every day, all day. It was horrible to watch her suffer as I continually fed her kibble.

Then one day, I got sick of it and thought, there has to be a better way to feed this dog. I found this place and broke google trying to read everything I could. About 3 weeks later, I decided that I would go for it and feed Casey and her sis Ava a whole chicken fryer cut in two. Poor DH was devistated thinking he was going to get a stuffed chicken for dinner and here I am, feeding it to the dogs! lol

I waited, and waited and waited for her skin to heal. It was a long, slow recovery but well worth it! In the last few months, she has finally healed and now she looks healthy. She doesn’t stink and her hair is so soft! I love touching her butt now and her energy level is through the roof! I love telling her what a pretty girl she is!

She loves RAW and is patiently waiting for me to open her swimming pool so she can go swimming!


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