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Puppy Training Small Breeds

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Is a nightmare to say the least! Daisy is my first pup. My parents never really had dogs, except for one, and they rescued her from Cuba where she had free roam of outdoor/indoor so she pretty much potty trained herself. Daisy is really weird when it comes to potty. We both work, and can leave her with free roam of the house and she very very rarely goes inside when were gone. If she does it's always on her potty pad, which is great considering we never really showed her to use it, she just does it on her own. But as soon as we're home she goes sooooo often! 90% of the time it's on her potty pad, but I really want her trained to go outside not on her pads. We've tried everything and it just doesn't seem to work. We would take her outside every 30 minutes and she would only go some times. It's just so hard to predict when she has to go. I don't scold or reward her if I notice she had gone on her potty pad, but if I see that she's about to I quickly rush her outside and reward her for going outside. She has the idea of going outside down, she just doesn't know to alert me when she has to go. I tried the bell on the door, but the cats constantly played with it and it drove me crazy haha. I'm just not sure what to do to help her. She's only 5 months old, and while I love that she will use her pad when I'm not home and she needs to go, I really want her to be trained to go outside. Does anybody have any suggestions? Sorry for the loooong post
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Do you have a command you use to prompt her?

It took Aoife a while to figure it out, but now when we say "hurry up", she rushes to pee because there's a chance that we're going to do something fun or give her a treat.

We started by saying it right when she would squat, very softly, not excited sounding, just to get her used to hearing it. Then we got, louder and louder, started giving treats in small amounts (to discourage a "half pee" of just wanting to get a treat), started sounding more excited. Then I would have her pee and we'd go to a new place! Coffee shop, school, a store... it was fun experiences after peeing on command! Peeing is fun! Lol. Now we just say it and she'll go. I make sure to play with her outside for at least five minutes just as a reward.
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The bell was my suggestion, but I see you tried that. lol

Just make sure you say something other than "good girl", so she doesn't think that is her potty word. ;) With my mom and dad's Dane puppy, we said "good potty". That worked well for her.
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